The state of Texas recognizes at-will employment, which is employment without contract. Under these employment agreements, employers may fire their employees without any cause. An exception to this rule, however, is when there is an implied employment contract between the employee and employer.

Individuals who feel they have been wrongfully terminated on the grounds of implied contract employment may be able to sue their employers to get their jobs back. Contact Austin labor lawyers Dominic Audino and Andrew Traub.

Understanding Implied Contracts

Employers may hire employees at will when they have low-responsibility jobs to fill. This type of employment can be risky to employees because they can be fired at any time by their employers. However, an implied contract takes away the possibility of being fired without good cause. An implied contract is neither written nor signed, but employers and employees may enter into these agreements when:

  • Supervisors promise job security in exchange for good work
  • An employee handbook states that employees will not be fired without good cause
  • Employees receive written assurances of company policies

If an employee can prove that an implied contract existed, he or she may be able to successfully fight to regain his or her job.

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Implied contracts may save your job in some situations. If you have been wrongfully terminated from your job, but you believe you had an implied contract, contact Austin labor attorneys Dominic Audino and Andrew Traub today.