Austin Hostile Work Environment Lawyer

Creating a hostile work environment is a type of discriminatory behavior which, though sometimes indirect, is just as illegal as other kinds of discrimination. A hostile work environment can be created through the actions of virtually anyone in the workplace – peers, supervisors, and even customers. While commonly associated with sexual harassment, a hostile work environment may be the result of discrimination based on:

Vague Guidelines and Difficult Arguments

Of most concern is the fact that a hostile work environment can only be attacked in court if it meets the somewhat vague requirements of being “abusive,” “severe,” and “pervasive.” As there are no concrete determinants of a hostile work environment, juries or judges must often weigh the merits of a complaint in a highly subjective manner. Factors such as frequency, psychology, and relative employment position may all influence the decision.

Furthermore, because the boundaries between distasteful (but legal) conduct and actionably illegal conduct are so vague, many victims do not know how to proceed. Intimidated by the actions of co-workers and supervisors, and threatened with retaliation from employers, countless employees are forced to either leave their post or endure in silence.

Legal Action against a Hostile Work Environment

Austin hostile work environment attorneys Dominic Audino and Andrw Traub have the experience necessary to understand how the often blurry and confusing laws concerning a hostile work environment may apply to your case.

If you have been targeted and victimized by a hostile work environment created through the discriminatory actions of your peers, co-workers, customers, supervisors, or employer, you should know that the law is on your side. Contact Austin hostile work environment attorney Andrew Traub today to learn more about protecting your rights.