Austin Discrimination Lawyer

Although discrimination in the workplace has been addressed in many federal laws, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Equal Pay Act (EPA), it continues to be a very real problem even today. Despite changes in society as a whole, many Austin employees still face on-the-job discrimination from both their employers and their peers.  If you’ve been discriminated in your workplace, you should consult an experienced Austin discrimination lawyer.

Types of Employment Discrimination

Discrimination is the unfairly negative, harmful, or derogatory treatment of an individual based on criteria such as:

The Effects of Workplace Discrimination

Employees who are targeted by discriminatory practices suffer both tangible and intangible injuries. On one hand, they may be passed over for promotion, denied participation on key projects, or paid lower wages than their peers; on the other, they may be subjected to a hostile work environment, isolated by their co-workers, or ridiculed by their supervisors. Whatever the situation, victims of discrimination deserve justice.

However, many employers – even those who do not engage in discriminatory actions themselves – prefer to look the other way when complaints of discrimination are brought up. In such cases, legal action may be the only real recourse for the victim. Consulting an experienced Austin employment discrimination lawyer is the first step towards resolving the situation.

Austin Discrimination Lawyer

If you have been the victim of discrimination by your employer or co-workers, Austin discrimination lawyers are here to help you. Contact us today to discuss your legal options